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  • In Brief . . .

    As many of you know the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has posted information for your review about payments made to physicians by manufacturers of medical devices, drugs and biologicals. This is the result of a section in the Affordable Care Act, now commonly known as “Physician Payments Sunshine Act.”

    CMS has announced that the review period has been extended to Monday, Sept. 8. During this time, you can review reports about payments to you and, if you find errors contest the information. Your registered objections will be resolved by Tuesday, Sept. 23 (not Sept. 11 as previously announced). More information.

    In this week's "Did You Know" feature from Inside Beaumont News, you can learn fun facts about Beaumont, Oakwood and Botsford.

    Register for the upcoming Beaumont User Group Meeting here or type in your web browser. Login, then click on the “Register for BUG” link under the graphic. More.

    Meet the CEOs - The CEOs of Beaumont, Botsford and Oakwood are working closely together to create our new health system. In these articles, we'll introduce you to each of them in a more personal way that goes beyond their official bio.

    Meet Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., MPH, president and CEO of Botsford Health Care.

    Meet Brian Connolly, president and CEO of Oakwood Healthcare.

    Meet Gene Michalski, president and CEO of Beaumont Health System.

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